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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this work? What is the session like?

The process starts with a comprehensive intake that is sent to you via email through my secure, HIPAA compliant portal. This should be done at least 24-hours in advance, as I like to have as much information as I possible can in order to start creating a plan. When you arrive, we will sit down briefly to review the intake and I will ask any amplifying questions, as well as address your session goals. We get a general baseline for pain and movement, and off we go. After the session, we will review the progress of the session and I will give you any movement or stretching recommendations, as applicable. From here, I will give you your suggested treatment frequency to ensure we reach your goals in the most efficient way possible.

How should I dress for my session?

Your comfort is always my primary concern. My general recommendation is that you "undress to your level of comfort", as I ALWAYS employ secure draping to my clients to ensure all areas are appropriately covered at all times. If you are uncomfortable getting underessed, I can certainly employ modalities that can easily be applied over clothing. If you have a particular movement issue that we have discussed during the intake, I may have you moving around, repositioning, or getting on and off the table to check patterns. As such, I always recommend clients show up in comfortable clothing and perhaps bring/wear workout clothes that can be worked over and allow for easy transitions.

How much of my session is actual "hands-on" time?

Many spas advertise "60-minutes" but only actually provide a 45-50 minute session due to table transition time and intake. I try to MAXIMIZE your session with the full timeframe, which is why I ask that you fill out your intake thoroughly prior to arriving. I may even call/email you in advance if there are any concerns or questions I want to address BEFORE you get here. In a perfect world, I have your intake in hand and already revied prior to arrival, we go over any details or questions for about 3-5 minutes, and you are on the table. I tend to get the most informtation about your chief complaint from hands-on palpation and orthopedic testing, so the more time on the table, the better. Besides, you paid for a full session!

Do you ONLY work on athletes?

Well, that depends on how you define an "athlete". I beleive we are beings that move by nature, and as such, we are all athletes in our own right. So, the short answer is that I work on ANYONE seeking to manage pain, move better, and enhance their performance. I have a vairety of certifications, inclusing prenatal, and I can work on anyone that is looking for optimal wellness, provided we are a good fit.