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  • Which Massage Therapist Should I Choose?
    All staff are personally trained by Jonny, and all of the staff also learned under Jonny at Pacific College of Health Sciences, where he is a Professor in the Massage Department, so each therapist has a similar skill set. Jonny is also VERYpicky about who he hires, and not just regarding massage skill: things like communication skills, empathy, and professionalism all come into play when hiring decisions are made. simply put: the therapists that work here are outstanding at their craft, and as human beings. Each therapist brings their own unique skills and life experiences to the work. Here are some thoughts: Jonny is a total nerd and obsessed with pain management and ortho cases, as well as complex cases with athletes. Basically, the more complicated the case is, the more interested in it Jonny will be. He likes problems to solve. However, this also means that Jonny tends to get bored with basic massages for relaxation and even maintenance massage, depending on the case. Both Joseph and Luce do VERY similar work to Jonny - again, he has trained them personally and all staff take part in mandatory training sessions every monday - and you can get a fantastic session with them at a lower hourly rate. Even in complex cases, Jonny will occassionally reach a point where a client reaches "maintenance" and will offer to transition them to Jospeh or Luce. In fact, Jonny will occasionally shift a client to Jospeh and/or Luce just to get another set of hands on a client, particularly if he feels "stuck" with a client's chief complaint. If you are in doubt, reach out to Jonny via email and he will give you an honest opinion.
  • Do you ONLY work on athletes?
    Well, that depends on how you define an "athlete". We believe we are beings that move by nature, and as such, we are all athletes in our own right. So, the short answer is that we work on ANYONE seeking to manage pain, move better, and enhance their performance. We collectively have a variety of certifications, including prenatal, and can work on anyone that is looking for optimal wellness, provided we are a good fit for their needs.
  • So how does this work? What is the session like?
    The process starts with a comprehensive intake that is sent to you via email through our secure, HIPAA compliant portal. This should be done at least 24-hours in advance, as welike to have as much information as we possibly can in order to start creating a plan and researching anything that might come up during the intake. When you arrive, we will sit down briefly to review the intake and we will ask any amplifying questions, as well as address your session goals. We get a general baseline for pain and movement, and off we go. After the session, we will review the progress of the session and I will give you any movement or stretching recommendations, as applicable. From here, we will give you your suggested treatment frequency to ensure we reach your goals in the most efficient way possible. Expect a follow-up email and text message within the following few days, just so we can check up on you.
  • How should I dress for my session?
    Your comfort is always my primary concern. My general recommendation is that you "undress to your level of comfort", as I ALWAYS employ secure draping to my clients to ensure all areas are appropriately covered at all times. If you are uncomfortable getting undressed, I can certainly employ modalities that can easily be applied over clothing. If you have a particular movement issue that we have discussed during the intake, I may have you moving around, repositioning, or getting on and off the table to check patterns. As such, I always recommend clients show up in comfortable clothing and perhaps bring/wear workout clothes that can be worked over and allow for easy transitions.
  • How much of my session is actual "hands-on" time?"
    Many spas advertise "60-minutes" but only provide a 45-50 minute session due to table transition time and intake. We try to MAXIMIZE your session with the full timeframe, which is why we ask that you fill out your intake thoroughly prior to arriving. We may even call/email you in advance if there are any concerns or questions we want to address BEFORE you get here. In a perfect world, we have your intake in hand and already reviewed prior to arrival, we go over any details or questions for about 3-5 minutes, and you are on the table. We tend to get the most information about your chief complaint from hands-on palpation and orthopedic testing, so the more time on the table, the better. Besides, you paid for a full session!
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