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Get a Mental Tune-up to  Develop a Bulletproof Mindset and Resilience.


 Be Strong, Calm And CONFIDENT in ANY Situation!

Let me guess: You’ve probably tried a multitude of approaches to fix your mindset, boost your motivation, and change your behavior:


  • Goal setting bootcamps


  • Behavioral interventions


  • Journals and trackers


  • Manifesting


You're frustrated. You want CHANGE. That’s a given, but you still haven’t gotten the results you desire. 


  • Your stress is still high

  • Your confidence is shot


  • You still don’t have the body that you want


  • You hate your job


  • You're still eating garbage


  • Your relationship is totally down the tubes.


Sound familiar?


Look, I get it.


But what if I showed you a better way?


Hear me out...

There is a cutting-edge mindset approach that is revolutionizing the industry. This system allows you to take back control of your emotions, stomp fear, beat stress, and develop bulletproof confidence faster and more effectively than any other mindset model out there.


This model is so powerful - yet so ridiculously simple - that once you experience it, the course of your life will change forever.


You will unleash a POWERFUL, LIMITLESS version of you that you’ve always had within..and people around you will take notice.


Do I have your attention now? on...

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My name is Jonny Pietrunti - THE Brooklyn Body Mechanic - and I’m glad that you have made it here because TODAY - yes, TODAY, I can help you change the entire trajectory of your life if you are willing to give me a chance…


I spent years floundering around in a state of scarcity.


Lacking confidence, unable to get my businesses off of the ground, and unable to attain the health and body I desired.


The irony: I was a sport psychology consultant and coach! How could I REALLY help others if I couldn't crack the code for myself?

But eventually, I DID crack the code...

You see, I coach using this little known approach to human transformation and mindset that is a total game changer.


The transformations that have occurred in people who have experienced it are the legitimately next-level.

In fact, my clients have seen all sorts of sustained life changes:


  • People crippled by anxiety become confident and secure of themselves… 


  • Crash dieters and emotional eaters finally overcome their struggles with food and lose the weight they’ve been desperate to shed…


  • Businesses owners are more efficient and effective, effortlessly gaining clients… 


  • Self-esteem goes through the roof …


And that’s not all…


  • Exercise becomes fun and something you actually want to do…


  • Those who have lived with insane stress develop a “Zen-like” calm… 


  • Relationships that looked like they were on their last legs turn around and become the kind of partnerships people read about in fairy tales… 


  • Employees find their work easier than ever, stand out from the crowd and get picked for the better job opportunities… 


  • Parents are able to sleep better, love more and handle even the biggest toddler meltdowns with a smile on their face… 


I can keep going… 


All of these and much more happen when a person has this series of simple understandings shared with them. 


And this understanding will blow your mind.


Wait! There's more! Here’s the really crazy part:


These transformations occur from just chatting with someone who is a master in this approach to change and potential - like me - and seeing what they share with you.


An understanding of how your thoughts, feelings and, experience of the world really work.


Nothing more than a series of simple conversations.


I know what you’re thinking: “If it’s so good, why haven’t I heard of this before?”


Good question, let me explain… 


This approach was discovered in the 1970s by a Scotsman. Not a world famous coach or psychologist, but a WELDER with a 9th Grade education.


You can’t make this stuff up.


He had an insight one day that changed him… forever. And people around him noticed. 


They asked him what his “secret” was,  and he shared the insight he had with them. 


They changed too....and those that they shared it with changed as well. 


Soon a ripple effect was in motion; lives were being changed by this simple, but dramatically impactful insight that turned what people thought they knew about their experiences and feelings on its head. 


But of course, there was a bit of a problem… 


There was HUGE resistance to this new understanding and approach to transformation in the “mainstream”. 



Because at that time therapists and other coaching professionals thought change took YEARS, and yet, this approach was claiming that it can happen in an instant…one insight was all it took.


The entire model was creating drastic, sustained changes in WEEKS.


Imagine the backlash when a Scottish welder with ZERO formal qualifications stumbles on the type of insights that people with decades more “experience” couldn’t figure out.


They said he was nuts, and I gotta be honest...


Even I was skeptical when I heard of this method.


I’m formally trained in Applied Sport Psychology and Organizational Leadership, I’m a board certified Hypnotist, I have certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Technique, Rational Emotive Behavioral Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)...blah blah blah….the list goes on.


“You mean to tell me people can change with  jusr conversations?!”


No need for homework, or mental “exercises”. Or hours of journaling, vision-boarding, or goal setting sessions?


But it DOES work, and it DOES work quickly - years of therapy NOT needed. 


World-renowned psychotherapists, hypnosis experts, Neuro Linguistic Programming coaches, Cognitive Behavioral Therapists and many more experienced people helpers and coaches have shifted their approach from the “old” way of doing things to this “new”. 


Even the BIGGEST skeptics (like me) have come to realize that more people need to experience the renaissance in psychology and mental skills.


And that’s what I want to do for you today. 


Here's the deal:


I want to give you the opportunity to have a FREE coaching session with me where I share with you this revolutionary approach to mindset that can shift your entire life forever. 


Seriously, today can be a day that you look back on and think… 


“Wow…that’s when everything changed…” 


Or it can just be another Tuesday, Wednesday or whatever day of the week it is. Nothing changes. And in the future, you might wonder “What if…”. 


So here’s what I suggest… 


If you have a nagging feeling that life could be better, in any areas, just give me a shot. Give me ONE hour or so to tune up your mindset by sharing some of this understanding with you.


No charge. 


All you have to do is click the button below and we’ll get you scheduled in (providing there is availability). I WANT to help you to change your life. Forever. It’s what I am called here to do. 


Worst case scenario, if I don’t deliver, you’ve “wasted” nothing but an hour of your time. 


Best case, your life changes permanently and you, and those around you will enjoy the benefits...

So, if you won’t do it for you, do it for them. 


I promise that you’ll be blown away when this understanding is shared with you and you see what you are REALLY capable of… 


Click the BUTTON and schedule your 100% free coaching session NOW!



Jonny Pietrunti

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Quick, easy, and the first session is 100% FREE. No strings attached, no "hard selling", no pressure. Click the link and pick an open is THAT easy!

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We will spend 90-120 minutes doing a deep dive. We can explore your limiting beliefs. figure out what's holding you back, plot a course for success!

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Go with the momentum.  Keep going, with intensive 3, 6, or 12-Month programs available.  Programs are custom tailored to support YOUR unique needs.





Hi, I'm Jonny. Welcome to Brooklyn Body Mechanic, specializing in therapeutic massage and body work and mindset for athletes and active lifestyles.

If you are looking to move better, manage pain, or smash a personal record, you have come to the right place. 

I keep clients performing at their peak and feeling great. Each treatment I provide is part of a comprehensive treatment plan that we customize completely for you based on your individual needs and goals.

As an athlete and veteran, I understand the importance of massage and bodywork as part of a complete, holistic wellness approach.

Stop by the shop and get a tune deserve it!



Jonny Pietrunti

Licensed Massage Therapist/CSCS

649 Morgan Avenue, STE B3A

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