Meet Luce!

Luce Cook is one of our amazing Massage therapists. Let's get to know them a bit better...

In case you haven't read their bio, Luce Cook is a queer, neurodivergent, and trauma-informed massage practitioner. I got to know Luce during their clinic rotations while they were a student training under me at Pacific College of Health Science, and I was inpressed with their abilirty to really connect with the patients we were seeing on a regular basis.

Of course, having trained under me, they are highly competent in orthopedic/sports massage, but they bring a variety of other skills to the table. Their pain management bodywork focuses on safe and affirming techniques that encourage a deeper connection and presence in the body, their style of massage lends itself to everything from basic relaxation to post event recovery and injurt post-rehab...they are even trained in pre- and post-natal!

Read a bit more below to learn a bit about Luce!

1. What is your background?

Mostly agnostic (protestant) preacher's kid and practicing (spiritual) witch. I grew up just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, but have lived in NYC for over 7 years. I majored in English and Spanish literature in college (hablo español, pero probablemente necesito estudiar más las palabras del cuerpo antes de usarlo en el trabajo...), and worked in a variety of roles in administration and office management for over 11 years before making the switch to massage therapy. I discovered I was neurodivergent in my early 30s, and I prefer run-on sentences because that's how my brain works.

2. What brought you to massage? What life experiences do you have that have pushed you towards this work?

Personal experiences with trauma led me to works like The Body Keeps the Score (by Bessel van der Kolk), and Pat Ogden's sensorimotor approach to psychotherapy. While I couldn't afford somatic therapy, bodywork was within my reach, and allowed me to start to work through some of the (sometimes decades old) trauma my body had never been able to acknowledge, let alone process. As I got to a place of more stability in my own healing journey, it coincided with a wrapping up of certain phases in my professional career, and making the switch to massage therapy seemed both a way to reinforce my own healing embodiment and also to give back to others.

3. What clients do you enjoy working with the most?

I enjoy working most with clients who don't feel like they fit (in some way or another) into the stereotypical mold of what normal supposedly looks like according to our capitalist, consumerist mainstream culture. This can look like, but is not at all limited to: neurodivergent, trans, queer, disabled, fat, kinky, and/or poly clients.

4. How would you describe your style of massage?

My style of massage is probably best described as a combination of Swedish movement and Shiatsu stillness. My work focuses on integration and interconnectedness, reminding the body (and brain) that each of the different parts are both connected and a part of the whole. My work has been heavily influenced by Diane Jacobs's dermoneuromodulation and the biopsychosocial approach to pain. You are the one experiencing what it's like to live in your body, so you are the expert on your body. I'm just here to (hopefully) help facilitate your nervous system downregulating and remind it that it doesn't need to hold stress or pain in its current pattern of homeostasis.

5. Tell me about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests?

I am a singer with the nerd-themed a cappella choir Choirfly, an F1 nerd, cat parent, and fiber artist. I play a little guitar, I write fiction, I try not to kill my plants.

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